Vietnam is currently the leading country in exporting cement and clinker. This is a huge opportunity of trading for fully legit and reputable businesses in Vietnam to bring Vietnam's cement and clinker products to the world.

Cement and clinker account for a large proportion of the export turnover

After many years of import, since 2010, Vietnam started to export cement and clinker. Currently, cement, clinker has joined the group of billion-dollar export items, the cement industry has exported with fast and impressive growth, making Vietnam become the leading cement exporter in Southeast Asia.

The biggest customers of Vietnam cement are still China, the Philippines, and Bangladesh, accounting for approximately 79% of the export turnover of cement to the international market. Moreover, reports have recorded clear shifts in the distribution of cement and clinker products, in which the proportion of bulk cement increased gradually from 24% (2015) to 25% (2018). and 35% (the first 8 months of 2020). This shows that Vietnam's cement and clinker products are increasingly trusted and used around the world.

Thanks to promoting the application of science - technology, all types of cement produced in our country completely meet the Vietnamese standards (TCVN); European standards (EN), standards of countries such as the United States (ASTM), Japan (JIS), China (GB) ... Vietnamese standards are regularly updated, supplemented and increasingly similar to the cement standards of developed countries.

Steady growth in harsh time and challenges

The global spread of the Covid 19 pandemic affected most of the manufacturing and export industries in Vietnam, and so did the cement industry. The pandemic caused a global recession, thus affecting the need for import and consumption of cement in major export markets of Vietnam such as China, India, Bangladesh, Philippines ... However, the cement industry has achieved very encouraging results, becoming one of the very few export industries that still maintains impressive growth (approximately 16% in the first 8 months of the year).

This shows the development potential of the cement production and export industry in Vietnam. It is predicted that in 2021, demand can recover 3 - 5% thanks to the recovery of the macroeconomy and infrastructure construction.

This suggests that cement manufacturers need to focus on investing to expand their business models, invest in technology and equipment to improve the productivity and quality of cement. Minh Hanh Global is also one of the pioneers in manufacturing investment to dominate the market and strengthen its reputation with partners around the world.

In today's flat world, international business cooperation has become a decisive factor in the development of businesses to “go-global”. Joining a global supply chain helps businesses have a strong position in the world market, and at the same time creates a variety of opportunities for businesses.

Minh Hanh strengthens the domestic market, boosts import and export

The domestic market for cement and clinker remains a potential market with many growth opportunities. Vietnam is currently in the renovation period, so the need to build public works and infrastructure remains high in the coming time. With more than 10 years of multi-sector business experience, especially products and services serving the construction industry, Minh Hanh has a deep understanding of the Vietnamese market to offer suitable products that meet the requirements of the market.

Along with that, we always try our best to find reliable global partners, to expand our product portfolio, and at the same time affirm Minh Hanh's reputation and business capacity in the world market. The exchange of experience and production technology with global partners not only helps us keep up with the most advanced technologies, but also helps Minh Hanh to satisfy the strict requirements of the difficult markets.

. Seizing this opportunity, Minh Hanh Global has put all our capacity and resources to export Vietnamese cement and clinker abroad as well as import materials, coal, and gypsum products for domestic needs. Doors to the world’s market are open, and Minh Hanh is ready to set our footprints on the journey of becoming a global manufacturer.


Minh Hanh Global is a trusted import-export enterprise for cement, clinker, coal, gypsum, and building materials

Minh Hanh Global is a multi-sector organization operating mainly in the construction materials import and export, supplying coal products, gypsum, imported materials in the domestic market; manufacturing blast furnace slag cement line in Vietnam and exporting cement to the world.

Combining with member unit such as Minh Hanh Building Materials Joint Stock Company, which has more than 10 years operating in the building materials industry in Vietnam, currently distributes about 600,000 tons of cement per year to the northern market and keeps solid relationship with many major cement manufacturers in the region, and Top A Trading Joint Stock Company which owns the brand name of blast furnace slag cement, SAKIM, with factories located in Thanh Hai, Thanh Liem district, Ha province. Nam, Minh Hanh Global promises to bring Vietnamese cement to the top of the world map.

Contact hotline: 0977 728 269 or visit Website: www.minhhanhglobal.com to have us answer all your questions.