With more than 10 years of experience working with cement factories in the Vietnamese market, Minh Hanh Global guarantees competitive rates, professional service and prompt procedures. We are standing out as the most-trusted company in the cement export market in Vietnam.

10-year of understanding domestic market

With many years of experience in supplying and distributing building materials, Cement, with the current scale we are capable of supplying hundreds of thousands of tons / year to the market, Minh Hanh is confident to be able to supply cement for various size of distributors and construction in key areas of Hanoi and Northern provinces. On that basis, we meet the diverse needs of customers for each type of Cement, offer the best price and service, and ensure the quality of each cement product line according to the manufacturers’ standards.

Minh Hanh possesses outstanding logistic capacity with a team of professional and extensive trucks, with a payload from 5 to 80 tons, meeting all the transportation needs of customers, serving flexibly for large and small projects in Hanoi.

With more than 10 years of persisting service to customers in Hanoi and Northern provinces, Minh Hanh has accumulated rich experiences, understanding the market and customer needs. That is also a very solid stepping stone for the development of the business industry as well as to expand the scale of Minh Hanh Global.

The drastic changes in the globalization process.

Starting in 2010, when Vietnam is transforming from a cement importer, to a country with enough production capacity to supply for the domestic market and towards cement export. As of 2019, Vietnam was able to export more than 34 million tons of cement and clinker, becoming the largest cement exporter in the world. During that development process, Minh Hanh also made a remarkable investment and development, contributing to the overall export output of the country. The innovation focuses on improving the quality of the labor force, improving equipment and investing in modern production lines, thereby increasing efficiency and output, while reducing costs and lowering production prices.

Minh Hanh Global has always considered the cement export as a strength of the enterprise based on inherent advantages in supply and good relationship with cement factories in Vietnam. Headquarter located in Hanoi capital is a favorable condition for us to access big factories in the North of Vietnam. We have had the opportunity to cooperate with major cement factories such as Thanh Thang (3 million tons / year), Duyen Ha (3 million tons / year), Hoang Long (million tons / year), Sakim (million tons / year). year), Long Son (7.5 million tons / year) …

Diversifying product categories and aiming toward global market.

Although defining cement export as a key business, Minh Hanh Global is constantly expanding its business scope and diversifying its products and services, towards providing a complete ecosystem of building material products.

Minh Hanh Global always try our best to find reliable global partners, to expand our product portfolio, and at the same time affirm Minh Hanh's reputation and business capacity in the world market. The exchange of experience and production technology with global partners not only helps us keep up with the most advanced technologies, but also helps Minh Hanh to satisfy the strict requirements of the difficult markets.

Imported products of Minh Hanh can be mentioned as: coal, gypsum, raw materials ... The association with major partners in the world ensures the quality of imported products, creating reputation and trust from customers.

With experience accumulated in the past, strong investment in the present, vision and future mission, Minh Hanh Global always strives to become a reliable partner, a strong brand with domestic and international partners and customers.

Minh Hanh Global is a trusted import-export enterprise for cement, clinker, coal, gypsum, and building materials

Minh Hanh Global is a multi-sector organization operating mainly in the construction materials import and export, supplying coal products, gypsum, imported materials in the domestic market; manufacturing blast furnace slag cement line in Vietnam and exporting cement to the world.

Combining with member unit such as Minh Hanh Building Materials Joint Stock Company, which has more than 10 years operating in the building materials industry in Vietnam, currently distributes about 600,000 tons of cement per year to the northern market and keeps solid relationship with many major cement manufacturers in the region, and Top A Trading Joint Stock Company which owns the brand name of blast furnace slag cement, SAKIM, with factories located in Thanh Hai, Thanh Liem district, Ha province. Nam, Minh Hanh Global promises to bring Vietnamese cement to the top of the world map.

Contact hotline: 0977 728 269 or visit Website: www.minhhanhglobal.com to have us answer all your questions.