According to a research from World’s Top Export about the cement export market, Vietnam gratefully is the country achieving the largest revenue in the field of exporting cement, about $1.4 billion (equivalent to 13,2% of total exported cement). Minh Hanh Global continue to see that exporting cement is a strength of business due to our advantages of the sources and good relationship between us and cement manufacturers in Vietnam.

The office in Hanoi city is a good condition for us to approach all of big cement factories in the North. Currently, we have cooperated with some big cement factories such as: Thanh Thang (6,5

million per year), Duyen Ha (3 million per year), Hoang Long (3 million per year), Sakim (2,5 million per year), Long Son (7,5 million per year), etc.

In addition, we are cooperating with Minh Hanh Joint Stock Company, the largest cement distribution enterprise in Hanoi, for commercializing and producing blast furnace slag cement, SAKIM. This type of cement is stable in sulphate environment for both commercial and professional use and have environmental-friendly features.

Brief Profiles of Companies

Minh Hanh Global

Minh Hanh Global is a diversified business enterprise, operating mainly in the field of import and export: Importing coal, gypsum, materials; Producing blast furnace slag cement in Vietnam and Exporting cement to the world.


Minh Hanh Building Materials Joint Stock Company

Minh Hanh Building Materials Joint Stock Company is an enterprise with more than 10 years operating in construction materials industry in Vietnam. The company's head office is located in Hanoi capital and is the business with the largest market share in this area. Currently, the company is distributing about 600,000 tons of cement per year in the North and keeps a good relationship with many big cement companies in the region.


Top A Commercial Joint Stock Company

Top A Commercial Joint Stock Company is the owner of the brand of blast furnace slag cement, SAKIM, with a factory located in Thanh Hai, Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province. The company consumes about 2 million tons of cement in more than 10 provinces and cities nationwide. With slag cement technology according to Japanese standards, SAKIM is considered a new cement with high quality and long-term development potential.